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By in AP, Dynamics GP on Monday, August 31st, 2009

Macros are like riding a bike. Let’s say for instance you have to get from point A to B quickly. Then factor in it is at least 20 miles to point B.  Your choices for getting to your destination B include either walking or riding a bike.  “Which would you choose?”  Let’s also say, for example, you have tons of data that needs to be entered or changed and you need a quick method to do so.  You could either manually key the data expending a lot of time and energy to complete the task or you could build a macro and coast along while letting the macro do the work for you.  “Which would you choose?”

“What is a Macro?” Technically, macros are commands and instructions that are grouped together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.  Macros are recorded in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is a programming language that Microsoft uses in a lot of their applications including Microsoft Word and Excel.   An Excel tid-bit, since 1995 Microsoft has included VBA in every copy shipped, hence, access to the recording and playback of macros.  They are most commonly used for speeding up edit, formatting or automating a series of tasks.  As an added bonus, since Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with other Microsoft products such as Excel and Word you can save time by using the applications together.

Create macros for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Included as a blog attachment is a practice scenario.  The scenario is just the basic foundation in which to build on.  It incorporates using Microsoft Dynamics GP with Excel and Word to create macros.  Print out the attachments to best follow along.  They take you step by step to build macros in the Fabrikam demo company.  It is just like riding a bike but you have to practice in order to learn how to use it.

Some things to note when running macros; like riding a bike even though it is doing the work for you remember you are still on it.  So just let it run.  If you click your mouse while the macro is running it will stop.  Then you will either have to start it over or figure out the last line it ran and start it from there.  The screen saver can also stop the macro from running.  Either set the screen saver for longer time duration before it activates itself or periodically roll the arrow pointer around the screen.  Macros in Dynamics GP unfortunately do not work in smartlist.  However, Dynamics GP does have a secret. If you add a special line to the dex.ini file Dynamics GP will show the advanced macro window. See attachment, Add Advanced Macro Window, for instructions. Finally, be creative! Remember macros can be built and used not only in Dynamics GP but many other Microsoft products as well.

Link to Practice Macros for Dynamics GP

Link to Advance Macro Window

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  2. Love the discussion on macros. I try to teach all my employees the importance of macros. They are a real time saver!

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  4. Rod says:

    Hi Amy;
    A fantastic article. I have a couple of questions though.
    I find item set up very tedious in GP and I’d like o write a macro to do this.

    1) How can I write a Macro to read information from an excel file and execute.

    2) Is it possible to create a loop inside a Macro.

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. Huan says:

    Great work around to use Macro importing data into GP! I was asked by my client if I can use IM to import collection management notes which I know it is impossible. Good to know this.

    Thanks a lot!


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